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How To Get Rid Of Sinus Headache At Home

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Get Rid Sinus HeadacheSinus headache is often but not always the result of blocked sinus cavities leading to pressure build-up and infection.
The fastest way to get rid of sinus headache is to reduce inflammation and pressure.

If you don't know where to start, there are many different ways which you can implement to achieve relief.

The first step is to find out the real cause of your sinus headache.

It is sometimes difficult to determine as there are many different causes.

Often they are caused by upper respiratory disease such as cold and flu or allergies (hay fever) and if the symptoms are not treated immediately they may spread to your sinus passage causing inflammation and congestion.

When this happens you will start to feel pain and pressure around the bridge of the nose and cheeks which are clearly the sign sinus headache.

The change in weather also plays a role in your sinus health. Temperature fluctuation from cold to hot and then back again can also cause sinus headache.

Another common trigger is the start of pollen season causing allergic reaction in some people.
This may trigger your immune response to over-react and secrete excessive amount of mucus causing sinus congestion and headache.

If excess mucous are not cleared, the pressure will start to increase and you will feel pain in your forehead.

You have to remember that not every headache is the consequence of sinus and nasal passage problems.

There are other types of headaches which are completely unrelated to your sinuses but with similar symptoms.

Here's how to differentiate between sinus and other types of headache.

If you feel pain around the eye you are most likely to suffer from migraine whereas if the pain is concentrated in the forehead and neck then it is a sign of tension headache.

Once you have determined the type of headache the next step is to find the right treatment.

For example if your headache is due to allergies, avoiding allergens may be the best treatment option.
However, you can get immediate relief from sinus headache by drinking plenty of water and over-the-counter pain killer such as paracetamol.

I have heard that this approach does not always work. Obviously, there are many other ways ranging from conventional to natural treatments.
I have detailed some of the best sinus headache remedies and I am sure you will find one or several that work well for you.

Let's find out what exactly is sinus headache.
You have the sinus headache when you feel throbbing pain in the front of your forehead and face. The pain is often dull but not sharp with the intensity becoming worse with any slight movement such as bending down or leaning over.

Sometimes you may also experience unbearable pressure and congestion within the sinuses.
For some unknown reason, sinus headache often occurs in the morning and may last the whole day. If you are lucky you may feel better by afternoon or it may last all day and night.

How to treat sinus headache?

Depends on what you are trying to achieve, you can choose to treat the symptoms or the root cause of your headache problems.

If you go to your local drug store there are many different brand name products to relieve sinus headache.

So are there any home remedy for sinus headache?
The following remedies may help you get rid of sinus headache.

Take Plenty of Rest

Sinus headaches can be uncomfortable and painful especially when you also have the congestion so it is best not to exhaust your body further.

Steam Inhalation

Inhaling steam by adding few drops of peppermint oil in an oil burner two or three times a day can relieve sinus headaches as the menthol in the oil contain decongestant, analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

You can also inhale steam from a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head.

Alternatively, you can add other oil such as eucalyptus, chamomile, spearmint or lavender oil which has similar properties as peppermint oil.

Some people do not find relieve from lavender oil, in fact, this oil may trigger a more severe headache.
A combination of warm steam and oils help to open your nasal passage, soothe the mucus lining and at the same time allows you to breathe easily.
If you do this four times a day, your head will feel less stuffy and the pain may soon disappear.

Another way of inhaling steam is to take a hot shower. Just before you enter the shower cubicle spray some eucalyptus oil on the wall.

The use of therapeutic oils may help you reduce the need to take any chemical medication.

Tips: To treat severe sinus headache combine steam treatment with over-the- counter decongestant or antihistamine.

Massage for Sinus HeadacheUsing the healing Power of Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy involves blending essential oil with carrier oils. Essential oils are plant extracts containing many different healing properties which can benefits our health.
Although the effects may only be temporary, the refreshing scents from the oil blends can provide an up-lifting effect on the mind when inhaled.

These oils can be use for massage, steam inhalation (which we have already mentioned previously) and as bath oils to relax your whole body.

Peppermint, oregano, lavender and eucalyptus are some of the oils that are beneficial for reducing sinus headaches.

Gently massage few drops of the oil blend onto your forehead, temples and back of your neck to soothe your pain.

Apart from this, there are many other simple home remedies to treat your headache.
Drink Plenty of Water

Hydrating your body is an effective way to promote sinus drainage and to prevent your nasal lining from becoming dry and easily irritated. It also stops nasal and sinus congestion.

At the first signs of a sinus headache you should increase your water intake.

If possible, stick to clear liquids such as water and tea as these help to irrigate the body quickly.

It is a known fact that dehydration is one main contributors to headaches.

Sometimes it is impossible to drink adequate amount of water when you have a stuffy nose.
Most experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water but there is no need to follow this as not everyone enjoys the taste of plain water.

If you dislike drinking water the best way is to keep a bottle of water with you and take small sips so that you will not feel thirsty throughout the day.
Alternate Hot and cold Towel

Another great natural sinus headache remedy is to apply a hot towel to act as compress on your face.

Wet a face towel with hot water, ensure it is not burning hot, fold it into half and place it over your forehead, nose and cheeks for about ten minutes to soothe the pain.

By placing warm heat directly over your sinus region helps to ease pressure and loosen thick mucus.

Alternate ways is to place a cold towel on your forehead to soothe the pain associated with a sinus headache.

Another technique is to combine hot and cold by putting the hot compresses on for three minutes and then cold compresses on for 30 seconds.

Now close your eyes and try to relax.
Although this treatment may not give you instant relief but you will be surprised that it is a quick way to reduce both sinus congestion and headache.
I do encourage you to try this treatment especially at the start of a headache to reduce the intensity of the pain.

Herbs have also proven to relieve the pain experience from sinus related headaches.

You can read more on how to use other natural remedies to get rid of sinus headache.