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Conventional or Natural Sinusitis Treatments

Posted on: April 20th, 2016 by Sinus11 No Comments

When you come down with cold and worst sinus problems, which do you choose conventional or natural sinusitis treatments?

This is always going to be a debatable topic regardless of which illness you may have; acne, eczema, sinusitis, yeast infection etc…

The treatment for cold and mild sinusitis is similar because very often you experience the same symptoms until the viruses start to hit into your sinus cavity.
You’ll know you have sinus problems when you feel pain and pressure around the face and nose region.

To go towards natural sinusitis treatments or conventional approach really depends on what you believe. Some people feel more comfortable when they consult their doctor and find that taking medication is the best way to combat sinus problems. In reality, they tend to work faster to clear the symptoms.

On the other hand, there are people who swear by natural remedies and apparently there are huge followers on healing through alternative and holistic remedies.

Well, everybody is entitled to raise their opinion.

Let me share my thoughts with you. I do think that natural sinusitis treatments are always better, but don’t think that you can never combine the two (conventional) together.

But if you’ve tried natural treatments and you don’t seem to get rid of your sinus problems especially sinus infection then I strongly suggests that a visit to your doctor is the best way. And also if your symptoms are chronic, an advice from a doctor or ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist is perhaps the right approach.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that you stop taking natural remedy. Natural treatments will always be part of your healing process, for example steam inhalation helps to open your sinus cavity and thin mucus to help you breathe better and massage to improve circulation.

Even when you’re taking prescription medications, you’ll still need simple natural treatments to help you recover so that your sinusitis doesn’t return in full force once you stop the medications.

Conventional medications are given as OTC (over the counter) or prescription. Some of the common drugs being use include paracetamol to relieve pain, antihistamine for allergies, nasal spray, decongestant and corticosteroids.

Antibiotics are often prescribed for bacterial infection and they have to be under the direction of an experience health care provider.

You will need to be aware of the side effects that come with using medications. Also most medications work by clearing the symptoms but rarely they work on healing the root cause of your sinus problems.

Natural treatments are safer but it does take a longer time for it to work. As we belong to a generation of ‘FAST’ and ‘Take Away’, we want everything to work instantly.

This is not going to happen when you take or use natural remedy.

But there are some natural treatments such as sipping a hot chamomile tea does make you feel much better instantly. And how about massaging on your sinus region when you have that sinus congestion?

Have you ever tried placing warm towel over your face to ease sinus pain? Rubbing with ointment inside your nasal cavities?

Yes, all these are what I classified as natural treatments. I’m sure you’ll find great relief after using them.

Frankly speaking, sometime I am also feeling slightly impatient with natural treatments. Simple home remedies such as making my own saline spray or sinus wash does help to ease my sinuses and salt water gargle for sinus related sore throat.

I have many natural treatments in place for my sudden sinus attack and you can find them in my book.

Once you manage to find the cause to your sinus problems, then you can apply the right treatment to clear your sinusitis.

For example, if allergies are the cause, then you should avoid allergens in the environment, pollens, pet dander and mold. You will need anti-histamine to reduce your allergies (conventional method) and nettle, licorice and vitamin C if you use natural treatments.

Do you see the important of looking into the underlying cause to your sinus problems?