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Sinusitis Treatment With Cold And Flu Remedies

Posted on: April 19th, 2016 by Sinus11 No Comments

If you experienced with some types of sinus problems before, you can probably understand the extreme pain and discomfort this illness can cause.

Your nose will most likely become stuffy which can disrupt your normal breathing. This may also contribute to poor sleeping pattern until you recover from your respiratory issues.

While there are many sinusitis treatment medications available to ease your disorder, the best method that I am going to recommend to you is to prevent it with cold and flu remedies.

This is because if you fail to fight the common cold they can irritate your nasal or sinus lining leading to swelling and inflammation.

Your immune system will start to activate by secreting excess mucus as a way to protect your body.

As a result your nasal and sinus passage become congested leading to pressure built-up which can cause many types of sinus symptoms such as runny nose, headache, nasal drip, watery eyes, fever and other sinus pain.

If you are susceptible to cold every winter or change in season then you will need to come up with a preventive measure that works for you.

Listed below are some natural cold and flu remedies to prevent sinus disorders.

Consume plenty of vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains have high minerals and antioxidants content that are beneficial for building a healthy immune system.

Vegetables such as onion and garlic possess anti-microbial properties to kill germs and bacterial. Garlic in particular is renowned to help prevent the common winter cold.

Adding slices of ginger and chili to your cooking do speed up your immune response during the cooler months.

Increase Vitamin D

It is important that you have adequate levels of Vitamin D as it may help to improve your immunity in order to prevent cold. Ideally you should take it all through winter.

Studies have shown that people with low Vitamin D are more prone to upper respiratory tract infections compare to those with high levels.

As it is a fat soluble vitamin, you may not get enough or missing out on D if you eat only “low fat” foods.

Fish, morning sunlight and dairy products fortified with D are some of the best sources.

You can also obtain naturally from egg yolks and cod liver oil. Sometimes you may need to take supplements to reach the optimal level of at least 1000 IU per day.

Protein Intake

Protein helps to keep our body strong and healthy. Adequate protein intake may boost the production of antibodies to help fight infections and viruses.

The easy to get enough of this is from animal sources such as fish, eggs, red meat, poultry and dairy products.

Plant sources include legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu and other soy bean products.

Wash Your hands

It is a good practice to wash your hands often. The reason for doing this are that cold viruses can survive for many hours on tissues, hands and other hard surfaces.

If you fail to do this you, may contract a virus when you touch your face, mouth or nose after contact with contaminated surfaces.

Some of the common shared surfaces in the home or offices include telephone, door knob, keyboards, toilet seat etc…


Regular exercise is beneficial for strengthening our immune response byincreasing blood circulation.

If you are too busy, a brief walk around your neighborhood is better than doing nothing at all. Walking the dog or doing housework such as cleaning, vacuuming or dusting may also help because you are moving your body muscle all the time.

Studies have shown exercise helps to increase natural killer cells to defence our body against germs, viruses and other infectious diseases.

Is it too late once you catch a cold?

As soon as you start to develop symptoms you should implement my simple Cold and flu treatment plan listed below.

Seek Treatment Immediately

My advice is to seek treatment and act quickly. You should start drinking hot tea to warm your body.

Taking natural antiviral and antimicrobial herbs such as garlic, echinacea and andrographis during early stages of a cold may help to shorten the duration and severity of the symptoms.

Increase vitamin C and Zinc

Start taking Vitamin C to fight against infection and Zinc supplements to boost your immune response.

At the onset of cold you should take Zinc tablets within 24 hours to reduce the symptoms.

Broccoli, citrus, rockmelon, blackcurrants, cabbage, red capsicum or chilies have high C contents whereas natural sources of Zinc are found in oysters, beef, lamb, whole grains, legumes and sunflower seeds.

Reduce Dairy Consumption

Dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt have been known to increase mucus production and nasal congestion especially when you have the cold or upper respiratory infections.

You should reduce your intake temporarily until you see improvement.

Take Probiotic Yogurt

Taking probiotic yogurt (friendly bacteria) helps to improve the health of your digestive tract and restore your sinus health.

It is beneficial for your current weak immunity especially when you have used antibiotics or prescription drugs to treat your disorder.

Omega-3 Oil

Omega-3 contains fatty acids; EPA and DHA can increase the activities of the white blood cells to fight colds, inflammation and respiratory infections.

Other existing health benefit of this oil includes the reduction of pain, improve skin tone and to promote healthy blood circulation.

A good source of omega-3 essential oils can be found in fish such as tuna and sardines.


Olive-leaf possesses antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight against the cold and flu virus.

It is the active compound Oleuropein that appears to work by slowing down the multiplication of the cold and flu viruses.

In addition to this, taking olive leaf in capsules, tincture or extract help to enhance your immune response to protect your body from viral infection.

The tincture when diluted is a wonderful remedy for sore throat to reduce swelling and inflammation.

The above remedies are just some of the useful one which had been used successfully to prevent and reduce the cold symptoms in some people.

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