How To Clear Sinus Congestion At Home – What Works

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Knowing how to clear sinus congestion at home are beneficial for you.
Although the results may be slow but your overall health is going to be healthier for a longer period of time.

Home remedies are an effective way to relieve sinus discomfort and the underlying inflammation.

It is common and natural to experience some types of congestion at least once or few times in our lives.

Stuffy nose if you already knew can cause great pain especially when they begin to affect your sinuses (air-filled cavities) and daily life.

It could be the result of untreated cold, allergies and sinus infection.

Can you recall experiencing chronic conditions whereby it is not possible to breathe naturally through your nose?

If this is the case then an over-the-counter medications may help to get that quick relief. You may have heard many negative views regarding chemical drugs but they really works if you used them correctly.

Some people tried conventional treatments and then revert to natural remedies for support and to prevent future attack.

Let’s start by digging deeper into sinus congestion and what it really means to us.

Many people assume that stuffy or congested nose is the result of thick mucus blocking our nasal passage. Blowing your nose gently is the most natural way to clear all the debris.

The truth is sinus blockage is often caused by the swelling and inflammation of the small blood vessels that line our sinuses. Certain medical conditions such as asthma can also trigger the symptoms.

But not everyone is successful with clearing all the mucus, sometimes infection may trigger excessive mucus production as your immune response become over-reactive.

You will also notice that some fluid may drip down the back of your throat.

The good news for you is there are several methods that may offer some relief to clear your nasal and reduce nasal drip.

An effective method to stop congested sinuses is to prevent it in the first place so try to lead a healthy and active life.

Here are just some of the sinus congestion relief remedies that my readers have tried at home. You need to be aware that some may work for you whereas others may not produce any results.

Steam Inhalation

This is a simple and most effective method that I have used often to clear my stuffy nose. The steam thins out mucus for easy expulsion and constrict the blood vessels.

A therapeutic way is to boil a pot of hot water, poured into a bowl and add six drops of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, lavender or mint oil. These are some of the most common oils used in aromatherapy to relieve the symptoms of congestion.

Place a towel over your face including the bowl and inhale the steam.

Some people have tried adding herbs to the boiling water which you can try as well. Inhaling steam with vinegar added helps to kill bacteria.

Taking a steamy shower for 10 minutes is one of my favorite followed by drinking a hot cup of tea, preferably herbal tea. It does ease my breathing temporarily and it works for headache as well.

Another inhalation technique is to place a steamed wash cloth over your face to encourage sinus drainage.

Doing this several times a day will clear your congestion completely.

Clean And Clear With Sinus Rinse

One popular remedy to relieve congestion is to wash your nasal cavities saline solution (salt solution).

You can buy commercially prepared solution or drops from your local pharmacy.

Some people prepared their own rinse, and if you attempt to do this yourself try using un-processed sea-salt.

A dropper or bulk syringe is then used to administer the drops directly into your nasal cavities. The saline is believed to kill bacteria and shrink the blood vessels on the affected membrane and flush out stale secretions.

Alternatively, you can spray the solution from a squeezable rinse bottle. And if you have a Neti pot, make use of it.

Adjust Your Environmental Conditions

If your stuffiness is allergens related installing an air-conditioner can help remove them and other irritants.

Vaporizers are also recommended. You can add few drops of essentials as mentioned above for a more aromatherapy effect. If vaporizer is not available try the steam inhalation method instead.

Running a humidifier is also another way to open clogged nasal passage. If you experience sinus problems every winter or change in season, perhaps buying a portable humidifier may be a good investment. Plus you can place it near your bed in the night when you feel stuffy.

Spicy Or Pungent Food As A Natural Decongestant

Consuming spicy or pungent foods help to get the mucus flowing and open your blocked nasal.

You don’t really have to eat many chilies to achieve that. A good one is to add some Japanese wasabi into your food. You may have heard people eating raw garlic which is a natural antibiotic.

Here’s a tip from one of my readers:

Mix 2 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar and a pinch of cayenne pepper powder in a quarter cup of hot water. Drink it warm 2 times a day, in the evening and in the morning.

Other pungent foods you can try includes hot salsa, horseradish, onion and crush black pepper cones.

You will be surprise that some nasal or sinus congestion are triggered by food allergies. A comprehensive list of foods can be found in the Treatments For Sinusitis ebook.

Drinking Lots Of Water

A lot of people may have underestimated the power of drinking plenty of water. Yes, you need to hydrate yourself all the time. You may have been told to drink hot tea when you have the cold, well this age-old remedy works all the time to unclog nasal, thin mucus and flush out toxins from your body.

Besides water, you can drink herbal tea by Steeping the roots or leaves to release the natural compounds.

Ginger tea, lemon balm and peppermint tea have been known to reduce the symptoms of cold.(Read Herbs For Sinus)


Vitamin C and Zinc supplements are sometime required to help fight the symptoms of cold and to improve your body immune systems. Take plenty of C but not more than 4 tablets per day as over dosage may cause dryness of the skin.


You don’t really need a professional masseuse to work on you sinus region. Just apply slight pressure with your tips around the cheek bones, side of the nose, above and below the eye to improve blood circulation.

Massaging your chest, neck and throat areas with a therapeutic balm such as vapor-rub may also help to loosen mucus and improve breathing.

Head Elevation

If you are sniffling and snorting through the night then you need to adjust the way you sleep. Lying flat in bed is not a good idea.

My advice is to keep your head elevated with several pillows. This will help you breathe easily and allows mucus to drain freely. In addtion to this, use a vaporizer or humidifier in the bedroom to stop you nose from drying out.

Take Plenty Of Rest

Taking an adequate rest is important as it allows your immune system to fight the infection.

Lastly if all fails and your symptoms don’t clear up after 5-7 days then a visit to your local health professional is highly recommended.

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