My name is Larisa Callaghan, author of “Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis”. I have started this website because one of my colleagues who is a doctor has an on-going problems with her sinuses.

And what is doctor good at? Yes, writing out prescription medicine. This obviously did not work for her based on her wealth of medical knowledge.

If you have read my letter you will learn that sinusitis is a disease of the sinuses. Most cases of sinusitis is the result of the common cold, allergies which can be seasonal or during pollen season, chemicals, food allergies, hay fever, irritants, environmental pollution and other health issues.

So who get sinusitis? Everyone including YOU and ME, Billions of people worldwide and healthy individuals are prone to sinus problems at least once or a few times a year.

Sometime it does take a little education and knowledge to help clear your sinus symptoms.

I have also provided free articles on various topics ranging from natural and home remedies to conventional medications in my blog to treat the underlying cause of sinus problems.

And if you’re looking for a safer and natural ways to achieve symptoms sinus, an ebook “Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis” is available for purchase from a secure site (To be advise).