Are There Ways To Improve Your Sinus Drainage?

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Sinus ProblemsOne key problem with most sinus sufferers is sinus drainage issues caused by excessive mucus secretion. They may run down the back of your throat which can become worse especially in the night.

A more technical term used to describe this symptom is Post Nasal Drip (PND).
The results of poor sinus drainage may lead to headache, sore throat, nasal blockage, breathing problems, bad breathe, gum disease and worst bacterial infection.

The most common causes of Sinus drainage or Post Nasal Drip are environment irritants, food allergies, cold and flu.

So are there ways to keep your sinus from draining effectively?

Yes, you can do it safely at home and I will detail different ways for you to try.

The first step is to keep your mucus thin rather than thick.The logic behind this is to stop ear, nose and throat complications such as bacterial infection, nasal blockage and earache.

The most common remedies which you can apply in the comfort of your own home include:

Nasal Irrigation
Clearing your nasal by flooding with fluid is a quick method to unclog your nose.

You can use a bulk syringe or a Neti pot. To use the latter all you need is filled the pot with warm water and add a quarter teaspoon of unprocessed sea salt without any preservative.
Here's a simple technique for you to follow:
Go to your bathroom sink, tilt your head sideways and pour half of the salt solution into either right or left nostril pointing upwards, lean forward and let the solution drain out through the other nostril.

Repeat the process with the other nostril.

Alternatively, you can snort water from cupped hands.

Many people I spoke to feel uncomfortable with nasal irrigation. Some describe it as "drowning in flood" whereas others experience a burning sensation.

A more conventional approach such as nasal spray and sinus decongestant work by constrictng blood vessels in the nasal lining to improve the draining of your sinuses.

The downside of this approach is that it is applicable for short-term use only before it loses its effectiveness.
Steam Inhalation for Sinus
Although this method is not seen as a cure for sinus discomfort it does help to control and manage your problem.
It is easy to apply, you use steam to warm the air around your nasal cavities thus thinning the thick and sticky mucus.

A simple and relatively cheap way is to get into a hot shower. And if you spray the shower wall with essential oil such as eucalyptus oil you will soon feel your sinuses open and mucus began to liquefy.

Blow out the infected nasal discharge immediately as much as you can.

Another simple method is to cover your head with a towel over a bowl of warm water and inhale the steam.

You can also use a steam vaporizer which can be bought at your local drug store.

The inhalation of the fine mists help to thin mucus, improve sinus draining, relieve sore throat, congestion and clear your nasal passage making it easier for you to breathe.

For a more therapeutic effect add a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil to provide that extra soothing sensation.

Hot TeaDrink Hot Fluid
Besides steam and nasal irrigation, drinking plenty of fluids especially hot one helps to thin your mucus when you are suffering from sinus pain and headache.

Try a hot cup of tea after a hot shower and I can guarantee you will feel so much better instantly.

Saltwater Gargle for Sore Throat
If your sore throat is caused by poor sinus drainage, gargle with saltwater and suck on zinc lozenges to ease your pain and also to keep your throat moist.

For more support and protection I usually like to add a few drops of Goldenseal tincture into a cup of water to make a mouth wash.

This herb is extremely bitter and has anti-microbial properties.

Sinus Herbs
There are specific herbs out there which are beneficial for your sick sinuses such as Barberry, Chammomile, Echinacea, Goldenseal, peppermint, Ephedra and Eucalyptus. Most are readily available in tablets, capsules or tincture.

And if you prefer, you can steep the herbs in hot water to make a hot tea but I have to warn you as some may not be pleasant for your taste buds.

The active constituents absorbed by the body help to expel the mucus faster.
Most the herbs which I mentioned can be bought over the counter except for Ephedra.

This natural occurring plant containing the active compound ephedrine which when taken without supervision may lead to stroke, heart arrhythmia and worst death.

In most situation herbal remedies work best when taken before your condition becomes serious.

Neck and Shoulder MassageMassage
A regular massage around the sinus region helps to regulate blood flow, reduce facial pain and pressure.

A more effective therapy which I have tried is to mix various types of essential oil and massage around your chest, neck, behind your ears, over your cheeks, nose and forehead.

There are also other parts of your body systems that are directly linked to your sinus channel as explain in my Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis book.
You should avoid mucus producing food such as dairy products. Give your immune system a little boost, clean your liver and take plenty of rest.

Lastly if all else fail and your symptoms do not seem to show signs of improvement you need to seek professional attention.

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