Finally…here's a way to end your sinus suffering once and for all!

“Five Common Sinus Problems – Which Do You Want To Overcome?”

 I’ll Show You How To Clear Your Sinuses … 
 With Simple Home Remedies 

Hi Larisa,

"Thank you for your endless remedies. I have been trying them out for 5 days now and found the treatments about five to seven in total extremely beneficial for my headaches, sinus congestion, facial pain, digestive issues and a whole of other ailments."

Amy Maher
Monticello, NY

Here’s what you'll discover inside…

  • The real cause of your sinus problems (acute & chronic) and how you can make just 5 simple changes to stop them from coming back
  • How to clear your sinus congestion naturally and holistically. It’s not a treatment where you have to wait and sit for hours at the doctor’s waiting room
  • 4 stimulation techniques to release your body's own natural pain killers… and to open up your nasal cavities
  • Why costly antibiotics and corticosteroid can do more harm than good… causing yeast infection – that you don’t want!
  • What never to eat during the healing process… certain food may contain natural chemicals that can aggravate your existing problems
  • How to make your own natural sinus spray for relief… safely and effectively with simple ingredients
  • How you can change a few of your habits to treat, control and prevent future flare-up
  • Why 37 million Americans and many people worldwide are affected with severe sinus problems… and the numbers are growing every year
  • How to find the right health practitioner who cares and wants to know
  • How to make simple home-made nasal irrigation without preservative

Here’s what one happy customer has to say about the book:

Hi Larisa,

“I just wanted to let you know that recently I bought your book to find a solution to relieve my on-going sinus episode. I was amazed that there were numerous home-remedies, and some of them I had never even heard of.

After using some of the remedies suggested in your book for my sinus infection, I felt so much better when everything started to loosen up and I was able to get rid of the slimy stuff in just a few minutes.

I also tried one of the physical therapies using your essential oil blend formula to stimulate my tense muscle, and to improve the flow of energy in my body.

One last thing, your sinus rub formula works for me although I felt slight burning sensation but it did open up my nasal passage to allow me to breathe without any difficulty.

I will not hesitate to recommend your book or some of the treatments suggested. Thank you for your help”.

Diana Richardson
Oakland, CA

From the desk of Larisa – a Chemist and Sinus Health Educator

Dear Sinus sufferers,

Hi, my name is Larisa and if you're looking for natural and alternative therapy to end your on-going sinus misery… one that can provide RELIEF so that you can live a normal live again…

Or maybe you want to find a simple system to clear your nasal cavities from congestion and infection naturally…  just to sleep well at night.

Or…just maybe…you want to be completely free from constant sinus pain, headache and pressure cause by weather changes.

If that sounds like you, then let me tell you…you're not alone, and it's not your fault.

Just give me 5 minutes of your time as this may be the most important letter you'll ever read…

So let’s get started…

What Is Sinusitis?

SinusitisSinusitis (sinus problems) is a common medical condition that causes your sinus and nasal passages to become inflamed.

It is something that millions of people worldwide think it’s normal to suffer from and it’s part of having the cold symptoms.

You’ll know you have sinusitis when…

  • You feel clogged up in your nasal passage most of the time
  • You have thick colored mucus discharge
  • You wake up with sore throats or bad breathe
  • You suffer from constant runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing and ear aches
  • You have huge headaches or migraines cause by your infection

If you can relate to the above symptoms, then you have come to the right place. I am going to help you eventually eliminate them and stop them from recurring with a safe and simple STEP-BY-STEP Drug-Free System that has worked holistically for many sinus sufferers. But more on that later…

7 Years Of Sinus Pain

You see, I've been struggling with sinus problems on and off for 7 years. Well, just like you, I was hoping that my upper respiratory symptoms could be cleared by using either over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drugs. I was WRONG! And as a chemist I should have known better!

Here's my story…

It Began With A Common Cold

Feeling Cold
Feeling Cold

…that took days in fact it never went away. Just like you, I took the normal OTC cold and flu medications… and it gradually went from bad to worse. I was in constant pain with terrible headache, pain in the face, sore throat, stuffy nose with mucus build up — thick yellowish-greenish mucus dripping down my throat and worst…sleepless night! If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is most likely to be sinusitis.  Imagine what it would be like when I had to get up in the morning to go to work.

Believe me…it was a struggle!

I could hardly function even on the simplest task and before long I had to quit doing all the things I enjoyed most. It was just impossible to spend time with the kids, having family outing, travelling, swimming etc… My sinuses became infected as a result of poor drainage. It certainly made my life stressful with constant sinus episodes and….

I Went To The Doctor To Get Relief…

Medical Practitioner

So, in less than 5 minutes, I was out with lots of prescriptions (Amoxil, Ibuprofen, Prednisone, Afrin) in the hope of killing my sinuses for good.

The drugs worked instantly to relieve inflammation. I was really happy with all the pain, headache and nasal congestion went within a day (sleep well for one night though).

Unfortunately, they didn’t clear my symptoms completely because after I stopped taking “sinus medications” my problems returned again. Not long after I was back again, this time my consultation was slightly longer… 7 minutes.



My Conditions Were Upgraded To Chronic 

I was given more medications to mask my symptoms and was told to “put up with it”. And worst… my doctor advised against air travel as air pressure can aggravate my conditions. It began to affect virtually every single day of my life.

I was dependent on antibiotics to kill sinus infections and steroid spray for congestion during an outbreak and they didn’t solve my sinus disorders.

Without any doubts, I did put up with it. Steroids became my popular medicine and so are the decongestants and nasal sprays.

I Simply Had Enough!

After many years of wasting all that money and ingesting prescription drugs, my sinus problems were still with me. I realized they were not going to make me feel any better.

You may not believe this but …

My own scientific research had proved that bacteria that made my sinus 'sick' had become resistant to antibiotics. The reality was, all this time I was feeding them to help them thrive. Read on…


According to Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide:

Prescription Drugs


“Antibiotic can trigger allergic reactions or cause side effects. Widespread use of antibiotics has encouraged the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (“superbugs”). And many of these drugs are expensive”.

I totally agree… because it doesn’t work for you and me as well as many other people out there.




Why Conventional Medications Did Not Work?

Here’s a summary of statistic compiled by CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control and  Prevention) for chronic diseases suffered by U.S Adults:

National Health Interview Survey

Source: CDC, Summary Health Statistics for U.S Adults; National Health Interview Survey, 2001, January 2004

As you can see sinusitis ranked fourth at about 35.5 millions with other respiratory diseases such as Asthma (22.2 millions) and Hay fever (20.4 millions) in the seventh and eighth place.

I Began To Question Myself???

“Weren’t modern medicines supposed to have this under control by now with vaccines, antibiotics, and antiviral drugs?”

“If OTC and prescription drugs work, why did so many people like you and me were still suffering from sinusitis and other chronic diseases?”

Obviously, it seemed like there was no other option… except to find an alternative treatment to overcome my sinusitis. And I was willing to try any remedies to make it happen.

For years I was living with those painful symptoms and it was taking over my life until…

A Chance Meeting With An Old Friend

…change my way of thinking completely. Gabby, who had a history of allergies related sinus conditions (which I didn’t know), suggested that I should try alternative therapy to end my suffering. Thinking that I had nothing to lose, I began to experiment with Natural Remedies.

Yes, back to the days when there were no Conventional Medicines.

Gabby's problem had been an excruciating one. Her sinusitis was slightly different from mine; her nasal allergies gave her trouble especially during pollen season.

As expected her doctor was too eager to prescribe antihistamine, steroid spray and antibiotic to reduce swelling. It worked for her at the beginning and slowly Gabby (just like me) began to rely on them on an on-going basis. They made her conditions worse. Then…

Grand-aunt Came To Her Rescue

Her grand-aunt who was a certified Naturopath recommended herbal remedy combined with massage, diet and stimulation therapy to work on the root cause of her problem; blocked nose, continuous sneezing, runny nose and sore throat.

After a week of intensive treatment Gabby’s headache was gone and the swelling on her face and eyes were greatly reduced with anti-inflammatory herbs. Immune boosting foods were consumed to improve her body’s own fighting mechanisms to reduce body aches and those that aggravate the symptoms were eliminated.

The results were Amazing! Gabby had found a few remedies that worked for her.

Trying to replicate Gabby’s success with natural therapy, I went to her Grand-aunt for advice.

My First Encounter With Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

I must admit, I was very skeptical at first but who wouldn't be skeptical?

The first time I tried nothing really happened. I persisted for a few more days and slowly my sinus cavities started to open up. I felt great with my sinus congestion and pressure slowly fading away followed by my sinus headache and facial pain.

I could feel my nose working again and free from infection.

After a few more episodes… with solely natural remedies and some physical therapies, my sinuses as well as my overall health started to improve. I was no longer feeling tired with my diet consisted of plenty of fruits and green vegetables.

The results were simply ASTONISHING and to cut my long story short…

I had been using natural treatments and stimulating techniques ever since to heal my sinus from inside out. And best of all they were simple, cheap and effective.

I’ve done all the hard work and…

After Many Hours Of Study, Research And Observation

hours of hard work
Hours Of Hard Work

I put together a list of therapies, techniques and formulae that works. You can find them all in my "Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis" e-book.

There are more than 30 natural remedies and therapies, put together in a step-by-step format that you can use to heal and strengthen your sinus health.

In fact, some treatments have been around for years and some are just as easy as cleaning the environment around you.

And best of all…  

Most of the ingredients are readily available in your local shop or health food store. You can even find them in your kitchen and garden.

Whenever, I do have a bout of sinusitis (rarely these days), I often refer to this book for a remedy and I encourage YOU to do the same.

Listen… I know starting with natural remedies can feel scary at first… I know what it’s like to steer away from Conventional Medical Treatments… I’ve shared the same doubt as you… so here’s how my drug-free treatments for sinusitis can help…

Now, Let Me Ask You Personal Questions…

  • Do all kinds of over the counter bottles and potions failed to dent your sinus problems and throbbing headaches?
  • Is your sinus pain unbearable…and you are about to explode?
  • Does your nose get block most of the time… and do you want to be able to sleep peacefully right through the night?
  • Are you feeling exhausted, depressed and helpless?
  • Do you want to eliminate your sinus symptoms and get back to the full health and energy that you used to have?
  • Does OTC and prescription medications make you feel sick all day long?
  • Do they often return once you stopped taking antihistamine, steroid spray or prescription drugs?
  • And have you ever wonder how did people treat sinus infections before the invention of prescription drugs?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then you won’t want to miss my “Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis” e-book. 

Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis


Just by investing a few dollars in my e-book, you will have an opportunity to help your sinus problems in a healthy way!

Everything is explained in plain English which means it's easy to read and understand. There are no medical jargons and it’s laid out Logically.

But don't take my word for it, read what others have to say after using the remedies in the book…

"It’s been less than a Week and I have already felt much better than I had in years…"

Hey Larisa,

“My name is Melanie, by following your book I discovered that my nasal allergies were related to some of the food I ate. I have never realized that food being natural can actually aggravate my sinuses.

In the past, I had tried a few natural remedies but concluded that they never work. Your food lists provide a helpful guide and now I am more selective in what I eat.

I had also used your sinus health programme to plan my daily sinus cleansing routine and diet, and had added what works for me into the plan.

Your step-by-step guide is easy to implement and I kept a print out in a water-proof folder.

My sinusitis had since improved after buying your book though I still have to put more effort to achieve symptoms free sinuses for the long term”.

Melanie Watson
Seattle, Washington

And here’s what Alan from Vancouver has to say…

Hi Larisa,

“It was my wife who bought me this book in the hope of ending my constant sinus problems. I do think, my unhealthy working lifestyle does play a role in my on-going episode.

As I am a business person and also being a male, I am completely ignorant of anything science and health care. After reading your book, I now understand my nose and sinuses a bit better and am trying my best to look after them.

I have found 3 remedies in chapter 5 that work to clear my sinus congestion. Your food advice (Chapter 7 onwards) was awesome. I wish I had come across your book earlier they not only reduce my allergies and congestion but my skin as well. I feel so much better and healthier now than before.

Thank you for researching into this debilitating disease”.

Alan Huntley
Vancouver, Canada

And Anne’s…

"Your book has given me hope of relieving my constant bout of sinusitis (at least 3 times a year)".

Hey Larisa,

“At first I was a bit suspicious as they are not traditional medications. They do need a bit of work from me. Anyway, I gave it a go by simply followed the remedies and found 3 remedies that works well for me except for one which make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Your topical home-made Sinus Rub works like ‘magic’ on my nasal and I also used the home-made spray to clean my environment. They made my sinuses feel refreshed every time I used it. I also got creative and add my own lemon myrtle oil. Everything smells great including my laundry as well.

Keep up the good work”.

P.S: Please keep me up to date with more of your discoveries.

Anne Larson
Indiana, USA

Just Picture This For A Moment…

  • Imagine yourself a few days from now… you will be feeling much better from your debilitating sinus conditions
  • You have stopped your sinus misery using all natural, gentle home remedies to open up your sinuses, breathe easy, and feel better from your sore throat and sinus headache
  • You've recovered from the stress and sleepless nights you went through last few days as a result of your sinus congestions and you are feeling much happier now
  • Imagine waking up each morning and never have to feel tire, irritate and be more productive at work
  • Even better, you know your health is a lot stronger now than it was before–You’re filled with plenty of energy playing your favourite sports and having fun again
  • You’ will have more confidence to fight this disease when it occurs again without having to spend money on costly antibiotics and prescription drugs

How does that sound to you?

I know it’s hard to believe, but thousands of people like you have tried natural and holistic treatments to finally clear their sinus problems!

Remember from my previous experience with prescription drugs? Well, they did destroy my mucus lining and also my sense of smell.

So, how do I manage to get my sensory back? You can find the answer written in great details in my “Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis” e-book.

Are you beginning to see…?

My Problem Is Your Opportunity

So, don't make the same mistake like I did… look after your sinus health.

For years I was feeling the same as you… desperate and helpless — And I finally put a stop to my misery.

You Can Laugh At Your Sinus Problems When
You Follow My Simple Daily Routine

I Feel Relief

Here's a quick example… each morning irrigate your nasal cavities — do this after brushing your teeth. And throughout the day, keep your sinuses moist and clear with home-made spray.

Then for breakfast, lunch and dinner you have to make some smart food choices (if you have food sensitivity) — Avoid food with hidden natural chemicals which may aggravate your sinus lining — I’m referring to your normal fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Use natural remedies to provide extra relief and support.

Always keep your environment around you clean and clear by removing allergens.

That's just some of the 5 SIMPLE ROUTINES you can apply for successful healing — are you beginning to see that with the right system you could free your sinusitis?

It's Really Easy When You Know How

Now don't worry… I’ve detailed everything in my book and more if that interests you. Or maybe you just want to apply just one type of remedy? Like… massage therapy, herbal remedies, the Five Elements of the east, 3000 year old Chinese medicine, stimulation techniques… either way once you read the book you’ll find one remedy or a few that works to clear your symptoms and the underlying cause of your problems.

And you don’t have to go to the pharmacy or take a trip to your health care provider — all these remedies can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

In many ways, they will make you healthy including your financial health.

Imagine… how having problem free sinuses after applying what you have learned could change your life for the better!

The only way you can ever get over your sinus problem is from the inside, simply listen to what your body is trying to tell you, work with it and free yourself from sinus disease. So please take the time to read the following pages slowly and carefully.


“Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis

The Only e-Book That Will Teach YOU How To Use Safer and
Alternative Approach For Your Sinusitis, Rebalance Your Body
and Achieve LASTING Healthy Sinuses!

You’ll get over 30 Alternative Healing Treatments of my personal breakthrough research.
Every method and strategies are broken down into easy to apply stages — STEP-BY-STEP

Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis

I disclosed everything that I have found to work — herbs, diet, ancient therapies, massage, herbal formulae, and devices — making it super easy for you to apply and as a Quick Reference Guide whenever you have sinusitis.

Here's a quick preview of what this e-book can do for you…

  • How to stop the cold or flu from going to the sinuses… you will have at your finger tips the most effective way to prevent a cold and the best winter food to eat during the winter months. These simple remedies will help strengthen your body to fight the cold viruses before they attack on your nasal lining so that you will experience less sneezing, stop sinus congestion and infection. You will sleep well at night and gain back your physical health (page 17-61)
  • The #1 most effective ways to determine what trigger your sinus problems… just by understanding what specifically trigger your sinusitis could bring you one step closer to clear sinuses. Simply tackling all contributing triggers means you will get your sinuses working fully for you again. You will learn step-by-step how to investigate, identify and uncover substances that trigger your immune response to overreact so that you will never suffer from sinus disorder again (Chapter 7&page 14)
  • The truth about conventional treatments and how you can finally free yourself… Many drugs have harmful side effects! Find out what they are… Studies have shown that 95% of people who use OTC or prescription drugs are able to control their sinus symptoms temporarily. You can be in the successful 5% group who clear your symptoms forever. I will give you more powerful natural alternative remedies to eradicate the internal cause of your conditions — yeast infections, digestion problems or long healing periods often associated with drugs. And with the money saved, you can spend more on fresh fruits and vegetables, and invest in your respiratory health – the Drug-Free Way (page 88)
  • The secret and most powerful way for eradicating the most harmful microbes that inhabits your environment… I will show you some practical ways to take control of your home – dusts, irritants and molds as well as your work environment to keep your respiratory healthy so that you can reduce nasal allergies by half. Cleaning with a natural product means you will not aggravate your sinus tissues, not only that you will get my own proven and tested recipes that smell pleasant, open up your blocked sinuses, harmless to your health and that of your family. Your home will smell fresh and you can tweak the recipes to whatever scent you want as long as you use the main therapeutic ingredients (page 77)
  • How to use the power of natural remedies to treat your on-going sinus issues safely and holistically… the remedies used in my "Your complete Drug-free treatments for sinusitis" e-book are simple, easy and effective. You will discover how to use all-natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboard to provide relief from the painful symptoms of sinus conditions without running to the pharmacy! And you suffer from no side effects. I will give you complete ingredients lists and clear instructions. With more than dozen herbal formulations, you will find one or two to relieve from sinus congestion, reduce swelling and breathe easy (page 33 – 35)
  • How to use the five elements of the east to heal your sinuses… an ancient and yet powerful diagnosis tool to quickly uncover the underlying cause of your sinusitis and all general health problems. You will discover exactly which organs are out of balance according to the elements. This quick assessment allows you to source the right herbal remedies to reduce the formation of excess mucus, swelling and inflammation, promote better circulation, strengthening of your overall body and organ tissues (page 37)
  • What you should never eat to improve you sinus health… 3 naturally occurring food chemicals you should avoid that are known to over-react in some individuals. You will learn the exact strategies expert use to remove food suspects and which food to avoid. I will show you how to eat smarter and make better food choices to free yourself from allergies, sensitivities and inflamed nasal lining. This strategy alone can totally transform the inflammation you’re suffering from (page 46)
  • The simple method used to increase the ability of your body to fight sinus infection… and all other upper respiratory diseases. You will discover the reasons why you are prone to sinus infection, the types of food you should eat and avoid. It is as simple as changing your eating habits. I will recommend the best diet for your sinuses and food to strengthen your immune system to fight viruses and bacteria infection. You will no longer spend your winter months being miserable, feeling fatigue, staying in bed for hours fighting off your infection, and you don't have to worry about your cold going into your sinuses (page 42)
  • 3 proven techniques to remove the root cause by focusing on different parts of your body… this simple, cheap yet deadly effective method of getting rid of your system blockages and allowing your body to strengthen and heal itself. You'll discover how to take advantage of your body's natural pain killers and supercharge them so that they can reduce your chronic symptoms. I will give you a pictorial chart so that you can master the step-by-step massage techniques to get relief on specific key points of your body. Not only that you can massage anywhere, impress your family and friends and apply them not only on your sinus disorders but other illnesses as well. These 3 techniques alone can transform and speed up your healing process (page 66)
  • Dozens of best-kept secrets to clean and clear your nasal cavities… without antibiotic or steroid spray to restore your cilia movement so that you can get rid of excess mucus before they enter into your sinuses. You will be provided with comprehensive lists of proven home remedies and simple devices to drain your sinuses so that you can breathe normally again. You will save money as these things can be found around your home and your local store (page 23-31)
  • How to do your own simple DIY assessment to find out if it is cold, allergies or sinusitis… I will guide you step-by-step, you will follow a simple table to conduct your basic diagnosis so that you can start your treatment right away even at (page 16-17)
  • And so much more…

So there you have it…I don't know about you but I wish I had all those information…7 years ago when I had my first sinus issues. Don’t you think you’ve wasted enough time and money already? Now Is The Time To Take Control Of Your Sinuses. You can experience relief with my “Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis” instant downloable e-book.  

Your Complete Drug Free Treatments For Sinusitis

Alright…here's something real special I'll do for you to make this the best investment you'll ever make when it comes to healing your sinus naturally. I'm going to include some FREE bonuses to make your investment worthwhile for you.

“Act Now and Get All These Bonus Guides (Worth $84.00) – Absolutely FREE!”

You'll love these bonuses because they help you with your overall health and they complement my “Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis” e-book. You'll also want to take steps to help improve other areas of your body too!


    The Healing Properties of Natural Remedies and Antioxidant Vitamins  

Free Bonus #1
The Healing Properties of Natural Remedies and Antioxidant Vitamins (value $27)

Do you know that there are thousands of plants and foods that possess natural healing properties that you can use to heal all sorts of ailments? This book is filled with valuable tips on how to use natural remedies such as food, herbs and vitamins with Antioxidant Properties to keep your body healthy.  


 Value: $27.00 yours FREE 

In "The Healing Properties of Natural Remedies and Antioxidant Vitamins" you will discover..:

  • The common herbs and their uses…you will have at your finger tips 6 powerful herbs for hot flashes, sunburnt, heart health, circulating system, liver detoxification, immune support, and nausea
  • Which vitamins to take and food to eat to prevent your body from the damaging effect of the free radicals… 3 antioxidant vitamins you should use to neutralize these radicals to slow down your aging process, releasing stress hormones, prevent cancer, build healthy skin and bone, improve blood circulation, and prevent heart disease so that you will look younger and healthier
  • The 2 main reasons why taking supplement in the form of extract is better for you… this will benefit some individual with health and autoimmune disorder
  • What to take to fight depression… this particular herb has the support of medical profession which works to release you from your unstable mental state without side effects and addiction which you often experience from prescription drugs
  • Which 10 food sources are rich in natural vitamins and minerals… not all vitamins found in food are readily absorbed into your bloodstream. You will discover which food contains soluble vitamins (A, B, C, E, K) so that your body will receive the required nutrients to aid iron absorption, prevent cold, provide immune support, reduce birth defect, promote reproductive organs, improve night vision, keep your energy up and to fight all other diseases
  • Natural or Synthetic vitamins, which is better for you… you will discover there are 2 different forms of vitamins — manufacture differently but with the same structure — health issues cause by fillers and the reason why you need to take synthetic vitamins

  Value: $27.00 yours FREE  
That's Not All, Because You'll Also Get… 


The Secrets Power of Holistic Therapy

Free Bonus #2
The Secrets Power of Holistic Therapy (value $37)

You will discover more that 70 Holistic Therapies which you can use to find solutions to heal your mind, body and soul. I call this my natural First Aid book. Believe me or not, most chronic health problems do not heal completely with conventional medicine. Holistic therapy when apply properly can be beneficial for keeping your mind, body and spirit in excellent conditions.


 Value: $37.00 yours FREE  

Here's what to expect from this book…  

  • Aromatherapy, Ayuverda, Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology…You get complete knowledge on how to protect yourself from chronic illnesses, relieve aches and pains, stress, depression, seasonal cold and allergies, ankle sprain, yeast infection, improve circulation…without visiting your health care provider
  • Using naturally occurring substances to treat illnesses and diseases without harmful drugs not only alleviate your symptoms but the underlying cause of your problems, maintaining and keeping your health in excellent condition
  • How to use the power of vitamins and herbal remedy…the right vitamins and herbs are beneficial for boosting your skin natural defence, alleviate leg cramps, indigestion, headaches, improve memory, soothe nappy rash, teething, sleep disorder and all other common ailments mention this book
  • Food as natural medicine…you will find out which food that has nutritional value for your health simply by eating smart. I will show you what to eat and avoid to keep your skin nourish, and improve circulation to your body cells so that you will look younger
  • The natural skin remedies that will keep your skin clean and clear… avoid food base toxins that stop your skin from functioning effectively, rejuvenate with nourishing oil and be the envy of your friend
  • And much much more…

The information in this book and much more can literally SAVE you many unnecessary trips to the drug store and it contains many well kept secrets for your Natural Wellbeing. 

 Value: $37.00 yours FREE 
And That's Not Even The Best News Yet,
Because You'll Also Get…


Acupressure & Reflexology Techniques For Cold and Sinusitis

Free Bonus #3
Acupressure & Reflexology Techniques For Cold and Sinusitis (value $20)

This simple booklet contains step-by-step pictorial presentation of the massage techniques which you can follow to heal your cold, sinus problems and all other illnesses. It complements my "Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis" e-book. 


 Value: $20.00 yours FREE  

Once you master these valuable techniques, you can practise almost anywhere to improve your health. It is simple and easy to use. 

 Value: $20.00 yours FREE 

That's just the list of the FREE things you'll get when you buy

"Your Complete Drug-Free
Treatments For Sinusitis"



Are There Any Risk Using These Natural Remedies?

Look… there's always some type of risk involve in everything we use and do. It’s the same with natural remedies.

There’s risk… if you mix herbal medicine with prescription drugs – if you make your own diagnosis and take the wrong remedy – if you have existing conditions other than sinusitis – if you apply physical therapies without professional advice – if you buy poor quality natural products – if you think that all herbs are safe because they’re ‘natural’ – if you irrigate your nasal cavity without proper instructions and techniques — if you never seek the advice of a health care professional. And worse… if you never at least try one remedy in the book and take responsibility for your own sinus health.

WARNING: You Must Hurry! Bonuses Are For This Promotion Only!

So there you have it – you have 2 choices:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing and pray that things will get better…OR
  2. Order “Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis” to discover how to heal your sinus problems naturally…and turn them around forever… or you pay nothing PLUS you can keep the free bonuses!

We both agree that the second option is the wise choice. If you’re tired of your sinus pain then you can’t do without my “Your Complete Drug-Free Treatments For Sinusitis” e-book. It will relieve your sinusitis the healthy and effective way!

And just imagine…next Monday morning… instead of getting up early and battling your sinus problems, you wake up feeling energized, with a smile on your face because you know that you have won the BATTLE!

"Okay … How Much Is This Going To Cost?"

Hold your breath, relax and take a seat because…

How Much?

This is the best part of it all. I want to see you end your sinus misery forever. So, I'm going to make it really AFFORDABLE for you.

You get my exclusive ebook for a bargain price of $47.00 and that's it! And "Yes" you get all the Special Bonuses (valued at $131) as promised.

Your entire investment is less than the price of your weekly cup of coffee. In fact, if you read my book you’ll discover that caffeine is bad for your sinus health (page 43). Don't let procrastination creep in and steal your chance to finally live a "normal" live again.

Here's what…

I'm going to make it real easy for you. I will…

Slash $10 Off The Price As A Special Launch Price

I’m not sure how long I will keep it at this special price, but since you’re here now, you can grab the whole lot for $37.00! But you really have to jump on it quick because like I said, I will be bumping the price back up to the original $47.00 soon.

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